Services of promoting and selling products or services including material production and designs, ideas and strategy. Let us put the ideas into paper, we can assist or produce your roadmaps, whitepaper and usage guides and FAQs.

Social Media Moderation

Hire Moderators, Admins and staffs to run your channels, groups, or social media accounts. Provide professional feedback and interaction to your fans, supporters, members and customers. Win more members, attract more customers and retain your current number of fans.

Video Audit

Interactive project brief and presentation about your project and services offered. Making it more engaging for viewers and users. Increasing the probability of winning more users, customers, supporters and fans.

Zoom Meetings

We make meetings fun and interactive. Hosting a meeting for purposes of program cascades, announcements, marketing updates or project discussions in a professional manner. Copy of meeting, transcripts and minutes can be furnished upon request.


We audit and certify vulnerabilities are plugged in. Making it safe for your investors and users. We do not just highlight the errors; we assist in code correction and make your codes up to date. Making it bug-free, safe, and trustworthy. Earn our seal, get our certification.

Full Development

Offers the whole package. From Website UI to Smart Contract Development. Includes but not limited to consultation, website UI design compliant to latest protocols, smart contract development and testing, Alpha and Beta Testing prior to deployment. You are involved in everything we offer, from colors, look & feel of your UI, including but not limited to Logo, Button animations and transitions. The most important offering: We will be with you every step of the way.