BUSD CROPS FARMER - Potential Rug Pull

BUSD CROPS FARMER - Potential Rug Pull




Dear Community,

We have received numerous requests to inspect the below project and contract⤵️

⚠️ https://bscscan.com/address/0x8be8881C641Dc5A40845253Ee3eD04955eDFe96D#code

Do note that this project is NOT audited by HazeCrypto nor have the owners or anyone from their team reached out to us.
From our findings, we have concluded the following⤵️

1. The project can cause failed transactions
2. Owner is able to RUG PULL the project
3. Owner is able to disable all buy + compound transactions
4. Owner is able to gain higher percentage rewards compared to other investors
5. Owner is able to manipulate certain functions which will give the owner/core team an extra added advantage over other investors

To make things worst, they have received an audit from an auditing company named CyberCrime Shield. We have found almost 6 vulnerabilities that this project owner can use to scam and Rug Pull users. How did an auditing company, carrying the word CyberCrime was able to pass the audit?

Which only means,⤵️
1. The project owner and the auditing company are the same people
2. That audit company is a fly by night company
3. Both the project owner and the auditing company are going to rug the project and have an equal share of your hard-earned deposits

We would highly advise each and every one of you, to avoid investing in BUSD CROPS FARMER to avoid financial losses. For those that have invested, we kindly urge you to recover your capital ASAP.


For a secure and safe investment environment